Sinitta: Simon was right to axe Cheryl from US X Factor

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  • 25 July 2011
Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

Sinitta thinks Simon Cowell was ''right'' to axe Cheryl Cole from the judging panel of the US 'X Factor'

Sinitta thinks Simon Cowell made the right decision to axe Cheryl Cole from US 'X Factor'.

The 42-year-old pop star - who has always accompanied the music mogul at the judges' houses stage of the UK version of the programme - believes Simon was correct to sack the Girls Aloud singer from the American reality TV show, although he was "genuinely upset" about it.

She said: "Cheryl is beautiful but they have lots of beautiful people in the US - especially in Hollywood. Simon was right to let her go.

"Simon was genuinely upset things didn't work out with Cheryl. He felt protective over her and he's guided her through some difficult periods in her life, in particular her split from Ashley. But he had to be professional. It's showbusiness.

"She had good chemistry with Simon, the way she flirted and played with him made great TV. But when I found out she wasn't sitting next to hi on the panel in America, I wondered how she would play things - and in the end, she wasn't able to do it."

Sinitta - who used to date Simon - believes Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl's replacement on the show, will do a "better" job than the Geordie singer.

She added to Reveal magazine: "I think Nicole will do better on the American 'X Factor'. She's used to the culture and she's stunning."


Girls Aloud singer and former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole performs pop and dance-pop to promote her album A Million Lights.

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