Nick Evans

Glasgow-based sculptor Nick Evans was the fourth artist to be awarded Tate St Ives artist in residence. Steven Cairns caught up with him before the opening of his four-month solo show to talk about his work, its developments and working in St Ives.


Steven Cairns How do you find the difference between Glasgow and St Ives?
Nick Evans Well it’s pretty different, I’ve had quite a bit of time to think and to work without any distractions. Down here its pretty isolated but it’s very beautiful.

SC Do you think the residency has made a difference to your work?

NE Yeah, the sheer quantity of work I ended up making in a short period of time was due to the residency; I’ve ended up making seven pretty big sculptures in seven months.

SC And all the works in the show were made during the residency?

NE Yes, I’ve got two large resin sculptures that are on show in the gallery space, along with two painted aluminium sculptures and two paintings on card. I’ve also got a showcase with nine small ceramic pieces and three large outdoor sculptures on the roof terrace.

SC Do you think that your work has become more ambitious because of the residency?

NE Definitely, The tree outdoor works are developments of two untitled works I showed last November, and the two resin pieces are developments from previous works as well. The aluminium works are a new departure, something I want to develop for my show at Mary Mary in February.

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