Show Me The Funny to give comedians 'chance to shine'

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  • 20 July 2011
Jason Manford

Jason Manford

Jason Manford thinks new ITV1 series 'Show Me The Funny' will give aspiring comedians the ''chance to shine''

Jason Manford thinks 'Show Me The Funny' will give aspiring comedians the "chance to shine".

The 30-year-old comic - who presents the brand new ITV1 show - has hit back at claims series bosses edited out a number of his gags, saying his role on the programme was never intended to provide "stand-up" entertainment, as the 10 contestants should be the ones getting the laughs.

In a message to fans on his Facebook page, Jason said: "Hey guys, cheers for the feedback on Show Me The Funny, it was great fun to present. But, I was never booked to do stand-up so no one has "edited out my gags".

"The show isn't about me, it's about giving new comics a chance to shine on ITV1, hopefully securing them a bright future and an amazing prize. Had some great feedback and nearly 3 million of you tuned in, so nice one. Chuffed as I really enjoyed the filming. (sic)"

Each week, the six-part series - dubbed 'The Apprentice' for comics - will see 10 comedians compete against each other in a bid to win £100,000, a national tour and a DVD deal.

However, Jason thinks having to come up with five minutes of brand new material each week, which will then be judged by panellists Alan Davies and Kate Copstick, meant only bravest of hopefuls applied.

He recently said: "Most comics would've looked at the list of what you get from winning and said, '£100,000, that's brilliant, and the next thing is brilliant and the next.'

"But then they would've got to the bit that says they have to come up with five minutes of new material and gone, 'No. I don't think this competition is for me.' "


1. Sally Carter21 Jul 2011, 2:28pm Report

Hello Scotland

Stu Goldsmith, singled out for praise on this week's show is on at the Pleasance Theatre during the Edinburgh Festival - grab tix while you can. Last year's show was a doozy with the Scotsman saying '‘Possibly the bravest, and certainly one of the best debut shows I've ever seen’'

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