A Midsummer’s Night Dream 2011: Chris & Cosey with Arthur’s Landing (4 stars)

A Midsummer’s Night Dream 2011: Chris & Cosey with Arthur’s Landing

Tramway, Glasgow, Sat 25 Jun 2011

Reinterpreting the music of the late Arthur Russell is no easy feat, but thankfully Arthur’s Landing is far more a celebration by friends than an all-out tribute. Their stage show is loose in the loosest sense, but the sheer amount of fun the performers are having transcends even Arthur’s own meticulous live and recorded perfectionism. Finishing with a rendition of his proto-house classic ‘Is It All Over My Face’ with Leigh Ferguson (from Glasgow’s Muscles of Joy) guesting on vocal duties – the crowd can’t help but smile throughout.

Unlike the busy Throbbing Gristle show in the exact same space over two years ago, ex-Gristle members Chris & Cosey’s return to the Tramway is a far less attended ordeal, probably not helped by the high ticket price – but for those brave few souls, it made this night even more personal. Straight from the get-go, the first couple of industrial music are utterly thunderous.

Chris [Carter]’s sound waves bounce about the Tramway like sonic ping pongs, aligned with soothingly dark low-end pulsations – whilst his partner Cosey [Fanni Tutti]’s processed guitar patterns and delayed horn swamps the space in equal measure. The lack of absorbing bodies in the audience makes this performance as much a physical work-out as an audible one – with total kudos to the sound techs. It’s a calculated attack done with utter precision.

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