Exposure: River of Slime

Exposure: River of Slime

FOUND's Kev Sim on his sample-loving, genre-mixing alter-ego

Hello, is that the Scottish Environment Protection Agency? We have a toxic aural sludge to report. It is known locally as River of Slime, as adulterated by one Kev Sim, the beat-seeking third of pop alchemists FOUND.

That’s some heady slime alright. I phoned SEPA and alerted them to the noxious quantities of hip hop, industrial, techno and electro in your so-called river. Anything I overlooked?
‘I love all the genres of electronic music you’ve mentioned and I buy a lot of records – garage-rock, psych, reggae, soul. The sound is reliant upon the equipment I use too: it’s all about my sampler [MPC] really. That and electricity … and ectoplasm.’

Ah yes, ectoplasm. There is something of Ghostbusters II in your nom de plume, is there not?
Ghostbusters II is a great movie and that’s where the name comes from. I sampled a bunch of films for a Halloween thing years ago and the ones from Ghostbusters were the best. I used the samples again more recently and that’s when the River of Slime idea really began to flow.’

The River of Slime is a bountiful source of maniacal musical merriment, yes?
‘I suppose it is a fun idea – it’s fun for me. The performances have a pretty improvised structure, as do my recordings. I have hundreds of small prepared bits and beats and they sort of just ooze out. The aesthetic is as the name suggests. I get bored pretty quickly so the music sort of reflects that.’

River of Slime performs at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh (with Enfant Bastard) on Sat 23 Jul; and at Captain’s Rest, Glasgow (with Jonnie Common) on Sun Jul 31. River of Slime’s Volume One (Phuturelabs) is out now at phuturelabs.com - see review. An EP is also due on De-Fence in Sept.

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