Glasgow's niche publications specialist GmbH ready to re-open its doors

Glasgow's niche publications specialist GmbH ready to re-open its doors

Owners Jamie Kenyon and Neil McKie lay out the story so far

A long time ago …

Jamie: ‘Neil and I had been friends for a while. We regularly talked, often involving beer, about doing something, or several things – there have always been a lot of ideas floating around, and the publication shop was amongst them. It seemed a pretty good gel of our interests; art, design, photography, publishing, having a shop, and I guess an interest in doing it independently. We got distracted for a bit with other projects like a cycling festival and real jobs, but in the end it came about through a conversation with Toby Webster, who owns The Modern Institute gallery. Toby offered us the use of the front space in the gallery and after that it all happened pretty quickly – a month in fact.’

October 2010

Neil: ‘We called in some favours, did a lot of talking, emailing, convincing, and pulled it together in time. We knew from the start we wanted to work with as many different people as possible – that’s what makes it exciting for us. The shop logo was designed by Scott Myles, and we asked another artist, Giles Round, who Jamie had worked with in the past, to make us some tables. Right at the beginning we had great customers. We were surprised and excited by how well informed people were. We were always getting requests for new stock, often things we hadn’t heard of, which we loved!’

February 2011

Jamie: ‘Our time at the Modern was great. We braved it through a cold Glasgow winter and came out still smiling. The gallery was always a temporary space and we’d really hoped to get a shop unit of our own, but it just didn’t quite happen that way. We decided to keep the shop running online while we found somewhere. A few months ago we started talking to The Lighthouse. It seemed like the right spot being so central, the perfect place to nip in and pick up a mag.’

July 2011

‘We’ve spent the last few weeks doing the fun stuff – expanding our stock from publishers around the world, designing furniture and getting people excited about the shop opening again. We employed staff, invested some serious money in furniture that was basically a pile of steel, a couple of drawings and an idea. We are about to have a shop five seconds walk from one of the busiest shopping streets in the UK. It just got a whole lot more serious.’

The future

‘We open the new shop to perfect-bind-busting success. We sell loads of stock and all is well (don’t hold us to this). At present GmbH shop sells publishing – magazines, books, journals, zines, about pretty much every subject. For us the shop was just the most immediate and translatable way to present really great things in the city, work with interesting people and produce our own things. Now we have somewhere permanent we’ll hopefully have the chance to do more.’

GmbH opens at The Lighthouse, ground floor, 11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow on Sat 30 Jul. There will be a launch night on Fri 29 Jul, 5.30-8.30pm.

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