Vic & Bob's Afternoon Delights (2 stars)

Vic & Bob's Afternoon Delights

The anarchic duo's web-based sketch comedy fails to capture their former glory

Here we go again: seems that the death of television has marched a big step closer because Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer have stuck their latest work online rather than on the box. Hot on the heels of the excellent Alan Partridge comeback Mid Morning Matters with Fosters, Afternoon Delights provides an opportunity for the pair to lark around in a series of silly wigs and fake teeth as they attempt to recall the hysterically unsheathed glory days of Big Night Out and The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer.

What becomes patently clear is that these two are the last people who should have been given carte blanche to muck about with little budget and no semblance of editorial control. The title is halfway accurate: from Monday to Friday til 29 July, new routines do appear after noon. While their ‘Mostly Unhaunted’ skit and free-running pastiche have their moments, the Cook Report-style exposé of a plastic surgeon called Shakamoto (cue a somewhat regrettable Japanese accent), and the puerile glassblowers scene attain their biggest smiles from the pair’s struggle to keep a straight face: good to know that at least two people were having fun.

For anyone who has lived with the scripted anarchy that marked Vic & Bob in their prime, it’s horribly tragic that the standard here barely rises above risible, each passing episode dribbling a little bit more sick onto the once fragrant pile of memories that the pair have granted us down the years. They really should have let it lie.

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