Profile: Paul Mowat

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  • 21 July 2011
Profile: Paul Mowat

This is Central Station

Paul Mowat is predominantly a figurative painter, his concern being with the human condition and how we live. He initially studied graphic design and printmaking, and after a brief spell in London as what he describes as ‘a very bad graphic designer’ he completed a degree in painting at Edinburgh College of Art in the 1990s and has since divided his time between painting and lecturing at ECA.

Paul says of his practice and inspirations. ‘People can be wonderful, difficult, instinctive and unpredictable, much like the creative process, and it is in this ever changing environment that work can develop and evolve. My current obsession is how we move around in the urban environment. Art as a career option is tough (any artist can tell you that) but it’s the need to scratch the itch that is keeps you motivated and at times it is extremely rewarding.’

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