Alistair Frost & Gerda Scheepers (3 stars)

Alistair Frost & Gerda Scheepers

Group show at Mary Mary, Glasgow, until Sat 6 Aug

With works that deal with painting as their surface connection, but later reveal a linguistic undercurrent, the latest show at Mary Mary is an exploration of symbols and signs. Gerda Scheeper’s minimal figurative paintings focus on both the sensual and removed topic of a pre-sex-scene film shoot. The white and grey acrylics are thinly spread on black fabric, suggesting the bed spread itself and the act-to-be between the seemingly indifferent cast. One piece, referencing the linguistic sub-plot of the show, simply titled ‘DREHBUCH’ translates as ‘film script’, suggesting a removed, lifeless performance.

Frost’s paintings enact a similar post-structuralist musing with pieces hinting at a trendy retro style, specifically early Windows and Mac clipart. They sit in tension between subdued IKEA art and a criticism of symbolism. Forcing the work into a kitsch metropolitan reading is the scattered remnants of the opening night’s beer and sushi cartons, dunking the work into a self-referential art world narrative. Scheeper’s ‘Untitled work (No 7)’ references this theme a bit more subtly in an ambiguous wall drawing signifying the gallery set-up itself.

Mary Mary, Glasgow, until Sat 6 Aug.

Alistair Frost and Gerda Scheepers

  • 3 stars

Joint exhibition by young British and South African artists.

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