Tom Pellereau wins The Apprentice

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  • 18 July 2011
Tom Pellereau

Tom Pellereau

Inventor Tom Pellereau was crowned winner of 'The Apprentice' last night (17.07.11) and will now go into a potentially-lucrative business partnership with Lord Alan Sugar

Tom Pellereau was crowned winner of 'The Apprentice' last night (17.07.11).

The 31-year-old inventor beat fellow finalists Helen Milligan, Susan Ma and Jim Eastwood to land a business partnership with Lord Alan Sugar and an investment of up to £250,000.

All four finalists had to undertake challenging interviews with Lord Sugar's unforgiving business associates - troubleshooter Claude Littner, Mike Soutar, pioneer of Britain's free magazine business, chief executive with a business worth over £300m Matthew Riley and former advisor Margaret Mountford - where they presented their business ideas, as well as answering tough questions.

Although Tom's proposal for a new work chair came under fire, he won praise for his likeability and amicable approach, which convinced Lord Sugar to hire him.

Deciding on his winner, the businessman said: "Tom you've got the experience in making, inventing and selling stuff. The current business idea needs tweaking and that's what business is all about. My decision is - Tom; You're going to become my business partner."

After the final Tom said: "I've gone from being on the other side of the table to being on the same piece of paper at Companies House! I just can't wait to get started."


1. DINESH R MAKWANA18 Jul 2011, 1:42pm Report

A tense final where the work of Lord Sugar's magnificent evaluation team played a huge role in the decision making process and that is absolutely required. As the show progressed, there was a sense of failure for the Jim and Helen cause; and so it looked as if my choice Susan Ma, might just win; especially with Tom's fragile "business chairs with less stress" idea looking rather misplaced.

If you evaluate £4 million first year sales as was the case on Susan Ma's challenged business plan; there is clearly doubt of her ability to grasp business reality. However, if she could have just used objection rejection and used positive sentences like "we could licence to super companies like L'Oreal and get royalties"....or...."we have audiences of 8 million at The Apprentice and if only 5% of the audience spent £10 in a whole year or 2.5% spent £20 in a whole year, I'd hit £4 million in sales"....or...."I have sales already,look at my skin, your brand "The Apprentice", we are partners, we can sell it to all the major retailers including stores like Selfridges to stock"...I really think she would have won. I restate, I think she is very impressive and if she could have just handled the objections better, she was clearly this year's The Apprentice. I believe her numbers had real thought on the strength of The Apprentice brand.

Tom is a qualified inventor but this show is not about picking inventors. This show is about a quality business partner and a "star" from Boston Matrix evaluations. Whether Tom does Lord Sugar proud of his decision, only time will tell. The early indications are that the huge and exceptional experience and expertise of Lord Sugar and his team is already prevailing; with a world class Nail File that might just be a million dollar earner; and the huge and classy Walmart as one known buyer. That's Lord Sugar the entrepreneur making Tom a winner. I like Tom for all his real innocence but it's Lord Sugar that's the best and most brilliant aspect of his life now as far as business is concerned and with the "chair" idea firmly on the bench.

The great point made in the latter half of this show was how Susan Ma was still a possibility by Lord Sugar for a joint venture with Tom......and that would be just great....the Tom and Susan range of The Apprentice beauty products....I think he's onto something but he'll have to be quick.

Finally, thank you Lord Sugar, his Team, the BBC and all the Candidates for a great series this year and well done Tom.

Best Wishes,


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