'Loose Women' presenters 'peeved' by sackings

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  • 16 July 2011
Loose Women presenters Lynda Bellingham

Loose Women presenters Lynda Bellingham

Lynda Bellingham, Carol McGiffin and Andrea McLean are said to be ''pretty peeved'' at the way Kate Thornton and Zoe Tyler were sacked from 'Loose Women' and threatening to cut the number of days they work down when the new season starts

A number of 'Loose Women' presenters are threatening to mutiny following the sacking of Kate Thornton and Zoe Tyler.

Lynda Bellingham, Carol McGiffin and Andrea McLean are among those said to be irritated by the way show executives told the two they were leaving, and they are threatening to reduce the number of days they appear on the show when the new series starts in autumn unless they are given more say on the panel.

A source told the Mirror: "All the girls were pretty peeved about the way in which Kate and Zoe were handed their notices. The women are, and were, a tight-knit bunch. They didn't feel changed needed to be done in such a dramatic fashion."

Carol Vorderman and former 'Coronation Street' star Sally Lindsay are set to replace them, but the group is worried about the chemistry between them all.

The source added: "There is concern that, because they didn't all screen-test together, the chemistry will not be completely right. Things are tense at the moment as no one feels their job is safe."

Zoe, 41, previously revealed she was "shocked" at the speed of her sacking.

She said: "It was so sudden, so it's a bit of a shock. Telly is always changing, but they didn't see me as part of the future of the show. I have to accept it, it's out of my hands.

"We were just given the reason that things had to change. With TV you understand things need to change."


1. paula mac16 Jul 2011, 8:42pm Report

I read today that carol vorderman has been lined up to be one of the new presenters and can,t understand why,though i,ve got nothing against her personally she comes in the same bracket as the daybreak presenters,that is dull and boring and I will be switching loose women off too if it turns out to be true....so there............

2. Claire Star26 Jul 2011, 1:50am Report

Real shame kate is leaving Loose Women. She was a great anchor woman and professional. Loose Womens loss and also for us the viewer. The producers are stupid to get rid of her to try and boost ratings. The reason ratings have dropped is because of over exposure. I Love the show but its on too often now. The producers need to be replaced not the presenters.

3. jaynekil13 Sep 2011, 1:07pm Report

I have watched loose women for 3 years now and have to say I feel that the sacking of Kate Thornton and Zoe Tyler was a huge mistake, Kate in particular was fiesty, interesting and her presenting was flawless. She was such an integral part of the gang, Carol Vorderman causes me to cringe, she's not half as natural or interesting why fix something that is not broken, I have hardly tuned in this season.

4. suzie29 Sep 2011, 1:29pm Report

Why oh why have you replaced Kate with Carol Vorderman. She is the most opinionated woman I have ever heard, never gives anyone a chance and talks over everyone all the time. Unfortunately I have to turn the programme off whenever she is presenting. She takes over the whole show and her laugb is soooooooo false and again very loud. Oh no loose women you have made a mistake big time.

5. Teresa in Cheshire5 Jul 2012, 1:27pm Report

Why Why do you let Sherrie keep coming back she is so stupied but she thinks she is funny this is why your ratings are going down have a look at the panel Denise is a another one that needs to go.

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