Natasha Scribbins fired from The Apprentice

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  • 14 July 2011
Natasha Scribbins

Natasha Scribbins

Natasha Scribbins became the latest candidate to be fired from 'The Apprentice' last night (13.07.11) after failing to impress in a task which saw the contestants set up and brand a new fast food restaurant

Natasha Scribbins became the latest candidate to be fired from 'The Apprentice' last night (13.07.11).

The 31-year-old recruitment manager narrowly lost out on a place in the final of the BBC One show to fellow hopefuls Helen Milligan, Tom Pellereau, Jim Eastwood and Susan Ma after failing to impress in a task which saw the contestants set up and brand a new fast food restaurant.

On delivering his verdict, multi-millionaire business mogul Lord Alan Sugar said: "It's a very, very difficult decision I have to make now because you have come through 11 weeks of gruelling pressure.

"Natasha, I can't reconcile some of the things that have happened today. You started off like a house on fire but I have found you a little lacklustre in the last few weeks."

However, the Taunton-based businesswoman wishes she could have "jumped in the screen" and given herself more energy to prove to the technology expert just how much working with him meant to her.

She said: "I think I showed him a lot of energy at the beginning but I think the weakness that he saw was that I didn't carry it through to the end.

"I just wanted to jump in the screen and give myself an extra energy boost as I think I gave so much in the beginning, so much energy and drive, that by the time I got to the end I just ran out of gas."

Helen, Tom, Jim and Susan will now battle it out in the 'Apprentice' final this Sunday (17.07.11) in the hope of securing a £250,000 investment in the business of their choice from Lord Alan Sugar.


1. DINESH R MAKWANA14 Jul 2011, 3:32pm Report

People often refer to mathematics, one of favourite and strongest subjects, as an art as well as a science and I can really understand and see what they mean by this; the number line is so complex and artistic in patterns that spring up and vast area of different topics that crop up in mathematics. You can also see how mathematics is what you make of it; there is no definite label on how maths should be done, throughout history many cultures have used maths in their daily lives probably right back thousands of years ago when people would evenly share food between a family (the theme of division is evident here). The ancient Egyptians used complex hieroglyphs for their fractions that still only a trained interpreter would be able to understand and make the correct calculations with. It is this that intrigues me the most about mathematics; how different cultures used mathematics in a variety of different ways and the history behind discovery's and great advances in maths.....and the cultures and the new company being formed by Lord Sugar will need mathematics!.....and so Jim goes into the final with a rather sad minus to say the least for not knowing his 60 times table or worse still his 7 times table!

This was a very tough challenge week but in my opinion both the ideas from the teams were poor. The fast food industry is a walk out pace industry where the product is already made in most respects and sometimes making a very simple product pays....even ready hot baguettes pay!

Jim's lack of business fundamentals was a disaster and any Director or Managing Partner would be horrified, just like I was; and Helen's 23% margin....well that's a different type of financial meltdown in view of the huge overheads of these business models. Nevertheless, Helen flew through because she had numbers and not because they were good numbers. This should give an indication of why I do not believe Helen, as good as she is, is not the one to win The Apprentice this year, and despite her ten wins so far.

Natasha's long overdue sacking at last happened; proving that the dynamics of this show also allows weaker candidates their longer stays but eventually they are weeded out too. Personally both Leon and Glenn were much better candidates than Natasha in this series; and whilst both would not feature in my last four, they were far better than Natasha.

So again, Susan Ma is my choice this year and for all her competencies and superb attributes and those that I have mentioned before. So, good luck Susan again.

Continuing best wishes,


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