Love revenge for Emmerdale's Declan and Katie?

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  • 14 July 2011
Sammy Winward

Sammy Winward

Sammy Winward has revealed her Emmerdale alter ego pursues a relationship with Declan Macey in order to annoy his estranged wife Ella

Emmerdale's Katie Sugden is spurred on to develop a relationship with Declan Macey when she realises it will annoy his estranged wife Ella Macey.

Sammy Winward - who plays the blonde horse trainer - revealed her character does have genuine feelings for millionaire businessman Declan (Jason Merrells) but annoying his wife Ella, who had an affair with their daughter's boyfriend, is the icing on the cake.

She explained: "This comes out of nowhere. They've been working together for 18 months and she suddenly realises that she really likes Declan and vice versa. And the fact that it annoys his ex Ella, spurs Katie on as well.

"When Ella corners Katie and calls her all sorts of names, Katie is quite nasty for the first time in ages. She says that there must be something going for Declan if Ella is trying to warn her off. Then she asks, 'Is he good in bed? Well I guess I'll find out'. She really stands up for herself."

However, Sammy revealed Katie is remorseful that her relationship with Declan leads his daughter Mia (Sapphire Elia) to believe their friendship was a ruse for Katie to get close to her dad.

She added to Inside Soap magazine: "It's a shame because Katie genuinely wanted to help Mia. She knows that Mia hasn't got many friends in the village and Katie understands what it's like to be torn between a mum and dad."

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