Lynne Arrialle - Convergence (4 stars)

Lynne Arrialle - Convergence

American pianist's intriguing compositions and inventive pop reworkings

(IN+OUT Records)

American pianist Lynne Arriale has maintained a high-quality output since her emergence in the mid-90s, and this latest offering more than maintains that standard. Arriale’s trio with bassist Omer Avital and drummer Anthony Pinciotti is an excellent one, and the addition of tenor saxophonist Bill McHenry on just under half the tracks adds extra spice to proceedings.

A selection of the pianist’s intriguing compositions are complemented by inventive reworkings of several pop tunes, including The Beatles’ ‘Here Comes The Sun’, Sting’s ‘Sister Moon’, ‘Paint It Black’ and a brooding take on Blondie’s ‘Call Me’.

A Night in Tunisia MP4

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