She Keeps Bees - Dig On (3 stars)

She Keeps Bees - Dig On

Raw, stripped-down blues-rock from Brooklyn based lo-fi duo

(Names Records)

The Brooklyn based lo-fi alt-folk duo returns with an album self-recorded last winter in a log home in New York’s Catskill Mountains, which made a change from the usual recording location of the couple’s apartment in the city.

Once dubbed the White Stripes in reverse (Jess Larrabee plays guitar and sings, Andy LaPlant plays drums), this album exudes raw, stripped-down blues-rock with Larrabee’s throaty, retro style of singing comparable with the likes of Patti Smith, Cat Power or a less theatrical PJ Harvey.

Standout tracks are opener ‘Saturn Return’, ‘Sister Beware’ and first single ‘Vulture’, with Larrabee’s battle cries of ‘power’. The lady once said she sings until her stomach hurts. On listening to this album, that’s a fairly believable statement.

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