The Blue Aeroplanes - Anti Gravity (4 stars)

The Blue Aeroplanes - Anti Gravity

Dense art-rock epic chiming with wisdom and experience

(Art Star/Albino Two)

Long before REM lost their edge, Bristol’s Blue Aeroplanes were their English counterparts, ploughing an urgent furrow of spikily jangular folk-rock with multiple guitars zinging about every which way to backdrop lead auteur Gerard Langley’s tumbles of opaque, semi spoken-word murmurs. Thirty years and forty-two members on, several generations of Aeroplanes combine for this fresh-as-a-daisy sprawl through more of the same. From the opening firework bursts that precede the foreboding swirls of ‘Sulphur’ to the elegiac ‘Cancer Song’ that closes things, this is a dense epic chiming with wisdom and experience, art-rock’s rich tapestry personified anew.

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