Wolf Gang - Suego Faults (3 stars)

Wolf Gang - Suego Faults

Highlights of Dave Fridmann-produced album hint at future possibilities


It’s hard not to root for young auteur Max McElligott, and not just because he grew up in Strathkinness, Fife, when his dad was professor of Modern History at the University of St. Andrews. He sounds like a genetic splicing of David Byrne and Mika (which could be heaven, hell or some combination of the above, depending on who you talk to) and the production of the ever-excellent Dave Fridmann lends songs like ‘The King and All of His Men’ and ‘Dancing With the Devil’ a certain emphatic, anthemic power-pop quality. The lightness of most of these tracks and their themes suggest an artist who’s still maturing, but the depth and Kate Bush-like vocal patterns of the standout title track hint at big possibilities.

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