Lamb - 5 (3 stars)

Lamb - 5

Diverting aural oddities abound on this return to action


Have you ever seen anything more 80s than Lamb’s cover design for 5? No, we’d venture, you haven’t. Yet curiously, their big comeback album (they’d put themselves on ice since 2003 and not, as you might guess first time, during the summer of Thatcher’s 1983 election victory) starts with a number that should really be the pumping theme tune to an American medical drama. Perhaps this is their idea of modernisation. Some mildly diverting aural oddities abound here, such as the occasional clang of what sounds like a synthesiser being chucked angrily off the walls of a neglected coal cellar. Dated, for sure, but thankfully Lamb are meek enough not to scorch the ears entirely.

LAMB - Another Language

Mini-documentary about the making of the new album 5