Viva Brother - Famous First Words (2 stars)

Viva Brother - Famous First Words

Dull and pointless album of Britpop-era rejects


‘If you don’t give yourself the option of fucking up, then you can’t fuck up,’ boldly announces Viva Brother frontman Lee Newell. And yet, time and again, their ‘gritpop’ (oh dear) debut album offers chance after chance for the band to make a hash of proceedings.

Kicking off with ‘New Year’s Day’, a number which sounds like it’s been lurking too long at the very bottom of the No Way Sis reject pile, the Slough band have teleported themselves into mid-90s Manchester. While this is the bland tipping point of their Famous First Words, later tracks chug along aimlessly, pausing only to doff caps to just about everyone who ever graced and shamed the Britpop era. Dull and pointless.

Viva Brother - New Year's Day

Viva Brother - Still Here


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