Corrie in crisis talks

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  • 12 July 2011
Phil Collinson

Phil Collinson

'Coronation Street' stars reportedly want to hold crisis talks with producer Phil Collinson over the future of the show

'Coronation Street' stars want to hold crisis talks with producer Phil Collinson.

Soap regulars and crew members are said to be growing increasingly unhappy with the show head, who has seen audiences slump from an average of 9.8 million to just 7.1 million last week, and are now planning a series of meetings to establish the future plans for the soap.

An unnamed cast member said: "Things have not been going smoothly for a while and there is a growing discontent amongst some of the cast.

"Even some of the crew can't believe where the show is going.

"There is a talk of a clear-the-air meeting with the producer, he is a strong-minded individual who sticks to his guns once he has made his mind up about something."

To add to their frustration, some cast members have accused the producer of "favouritism" and giving certain stars bigger storylines and more screen time than others.

The insider added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "There is a feeling that some people are being frozen out and they have seen their income dwindle significantly due to severe lack of appearances. It is not good for morale."

Despite the comments, Phil insisted he is unaware of any unrest in his team.

He said: "We have stories running which involve lots of different characters and we regularly have opportunities for the cast to chat to the producers and writers."

ITV also insisted they have no problems with the producer, or the show's performance.

They said: "We are extremely pleased with the work of Phil Collinson.

"The Street continues to be the UK's most popular soap and this year's storylines have helped increase both audience volume and share year-on-year."

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