Peter Barlow 'could have affair' with Carla Connor

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  • 8 July 2011
Chris Gascoyne who plays Peter Barlow

Peter Barlow

'Coronation Street' actor Chris Gascoyne believes his character Peter Barlow could have an affair with factory boss Carla Connor

'Coronation Street' bookmaker Peter Barlow "could be tempted into an affair" with Carla Connor.

Actor Chris Gascoyne has revealed his alcoholic character struggles to accept the sexy factory boss' romance with Frank Foster which comes at the same time his wife Leanne tells him she is pregnant.

After clashing with his spouse over his decision to tell Carla (Alison King) he is going to be a father again, Peter finds himself confiding in the raven-haired vixen - who he has developed a very close relationship with - leading to her confessing to him that she "loves him".

Chris told Soaplife magazine: "He has feelings for Carla but he does love Leanne deeply. Whenever things aren't going well he finds himself turning to Carla and she chooses now to tell him that she still loves him!

"I believe he could be tempted into an affair. Carla is an itch he has to scratch and it's very destructive for his relationship with Leanne. This is not the end of Peter and Carla."

Chris believes Peter and Carla cannot escape their attraction to one another because they have bonded so strongly over their problems with alcohol.

He added: "He still has the whole issue of his feelings for Carla to deal with. Leanne's stronger than Peter and he doesn't feel she really needs him, whereas he and Carla have a shared experience with the drink problem."

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