Crate digging: Benedict Bull of Skull Juice

Crate digging: Benedict Bull of Skull Juice

Promoter of London’s High Horse and resident at Bleed takes us inside his record box

My favourite track at the moment is Oneohtrix Point Never ‘Nobody Here’ (Memory Vague, Root Strata). It’s just an amazingly beautiful piece of music, I’ll never get tired of it. I’ve played with him a couple of times and I still get that insecure fanboy feeling when I do, he’s such a nice guy. I heard it on one of Oneman’s mixes and it fitted perfectly, but I see it more as a kind of end-of-the-night track.

Next I’ll go for George Morel ‘Morel’s Groove’ (Strictly Rhythm), it’s one of the house records that changed my feelings about music. It’s incredibly raw, incredibly simple, brilliantly put together. It’s similar to Cajmere ‘Percolator’ (Cajual Records) in that respect. In fact, can I add that one too? Two tunes I would never not have in my record box for a dance set. Just drums, bassline and a weird noise, that’s all you need to make an amazing dance record. It’s so simple but so effective. Actually, can I add Steve Poindexter ‘Computer Madness’ (Square Roots) as well? For the same reasons as the above.

Another great old tune is Cherie Lee ‘Love Me Or Leave Me (Club Dub)’ (Music Station), it’s a garage house track. It’s the sort of thing you hear when you turn on a pirate radio station these days, it just gives you that really summery, upbeat feeling. I spend far too much time going through old club tracks on Discogs and YouTube these days, I think that’s how I found it. It’s infectious and simple, and it works for me every time.

Finally I’ll choose something that’s less dancey, and that’s Ducktails ‘Parasailing’ (Underwater Peoples). It’s my favourite thing he’s ever done, it’s basically the soundscapes that are left when you take out his singer-songwriter stuff. Very hazy and bubbly, it’s like a forgotten, 15-year-old cassette that’s been found in the footwell of a car.

Benedict Bull guests Playdate at Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Sat 30 Jul.

Oneohtrix Point Never - Nobody Here

George Morel - Morel's Groove

Cajmere - Percolator

Steve Poindexter - Computer Madness

Cherie Lee - Love Me Or Leave Me (Club Dub)

Ducktails - Parasailing


House night with a few leftfield cuts from Steven and Stewart.

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