Melody Hossaini fired

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  • 7 July 2011
Melody Hossaini

Melody Hossaini

Melody Hossaini became the tenth candidate to be fired from 'The Apprentice' last night (06.07.11) after heading the losing team in this week's task

Melody Hossaini became the latest contestant to be fired from 'The Apprentice' last night (06.07.11).

The 26-year-old youth business consultant was dismissed by Lord Alan Sugar after failing to lead her team, Logic, to victory in a task that saw them given limited stock and urged to "smell what sells" to continually replenish their wares and boost their assets.

The group's disastrous performance saw them try to sell items to retailers - including visit a pound shop to try and persuade the owner into buying watches from them for £25 - and failing to restock on their most popular product, reinvesting in untried items instead.

Her teammate, Helen Milligan was unhappy with Melody's leadership and even offered to step in and take over as project manager, which was quickly dismissed.

In the board room, the executive assistant branded Melody a "terrible" project manager who failed to take control of the task.

Despite being victorious in the task, team Venture failed to escape the wrath of Lord Sugar and were given a £100 fine and had their treat axed after project manager Natasha ignored the instructions in the task and refused to reinvest in more stock, much to the shock of her teammates.

In the board room, furious Lord Sugar said: "This is all about balls. You have shown no courage."

A special profile of the remaining five 'Apprentice' candidates airs tonight (06.07.11), while the show continues as normal next Wednesday (13.07.11)


1. DINESH R MAKWANA7 Jul 2011, 6:00pm Report

A fantastic task needing an absolute control on a half an hour or maybe an hour basis; of the exact cash and stock position. This would allow critical decision planning on purchases going forward and would reduce error; by also giving stock choices and stock replenishment, that important business edge. Melody Hossaini failed in this task in not mastering this very important aspect of this challenge. Equally, if you sell one product well, you ensure that a major part of your working capital drives that product sales further and quickly.Going to retailers at all was a very bad mistake too. Melody Hossaini made mistakes but should she have been fired?

In my opinion, the weakest candidate of the six was Natasha and I am sure Lord Sugar probably would share my view on this. However, the whole dynamics of this show is quite strong in that even if the wrong candidate gets fired; somehow the right candidate surfaces. In that respect Melody Hossaini should not worry too much on this occasion because despite her very strong performances and some much higher than those of Natasha and in some cases Jim; she was still slightly short of the top grade as Lord Sugar's Apprentice this year.

Having seen Melody Hossaini's website at InspirEngage, she clearly has credentials and some very noteworthy achievements that include meeting the excellent Al Gore. This website should be viewed so the masses now understand what she really does!

With all those magnificent credentials and her Iranian background, this attractive and intelligent lady may be able to progress her work into the International political arena periodically to harness peace and prosperity and at difficult times.

In summary, the dynamics of this show does not allow top performers to stay the course and whilst it's arguable that the likeable Tom should have been fired; Melody should in fact be pleased; as in my opinion her role is away from The Apprentice type set up at this stage; but that does not mean she cannot be as rich as Lord Sugar! Good luck Melody.

I am hoping Susan Ma wins. She has a neat mind, is presentable, can sell and has shown an understanding and listening class at high levels. Good luck Susan.

Continuing best wishes,


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