Boy George blasts X Factor

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  • 6 July 2011
Boy George

Boy George

Flamboyant singer Boy George has blasted 'The X Factor' for dumbing down the music industry, arguing artists like David Bowie would never have made it through the audition process

Boy George thinks 'The X Factor' is "dreadful" for the music industry.

The flamboyant 50-year-old singer believes the star-search programme is dumbing down pop because it fails to allow for individuality or quirkiness in its finalists, and believes even iconic 'Starman' hitmaker David Bowie would have been rejected by the contest's judges.

Speaking on new BBC2 show 'Secrets of the Pop Song', he said: "You have got the audiences dictating the art form which is dreadful.

"Imagine what would have happened to David Bowie if he'd gone on 'The X Factor'.

"They would have said, 'Lose the cape, honey', and 'The ginger hair isn't going to work!'."

It seems George has had a change of heart about the series as earlier this year, he spoke of his desire to join the judging panel of the show - but only if he was well paid.

He said: "I would be great but I'm not sure if they could handle me.

"I'd do it but it depends how much they would pay me and if I could have Cheryl Cole's wardrobe budget."

Boy George

From influential pop androgyne to DJ supasta with graffiti-style make-up, the Boy's soap opera life continues with a new tour to support his latest album This Is What I Do.

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