Amy Childs didn't pursue fame

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 July 2011
Amy Childs

Amy Childs

Amy Childs insists she never had a great desire to be famous and says it has just ''been given'' to her since she starred in 'The Only Way Is Essex'

Amy Childs never wanted to be famous.

The 'Only Way Is Essex' star admits she occasionally dreamed of being on television, but was happy with her job as a beautician before she got approached to star on the show.

She said: "Was it my dream to be famous? Not really. I always used to say to my family that I'd like to be on TV, but I loved my 9-5 job.

"I was a beautician in a great salon and was happy going to work every day.

"But then I got asked to do 'TOWIE. That was it, it's just been given to me."

Amy, 21, also admitted she thinks people view her as "ditzy" because of the show, but she insists she is very different.

She told Reveal magazine: "People think I just talk about vajazzles all the time. That I sit in a salon painting my nails while talking about where I'm going on holiday.

"I'm actually very business minded. I'm not ditzy.

"People don't think I've been to school, but I actually went to private school."

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