Lauren Goodger won't split with Mark

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  • 5 July 2011
Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger

'The Only Way Is Essex' stars Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger insist they will never split up and their relationship is stronger than ever

'The Only Way Is Essex' stars Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger insist they will never split up.

The couple - who have been dating on-and-off for 10 years - got engaged earlier this year and while there has been rumours Mark has cheated on his long-suffering fiancee, they know they'll spend the rest of their lives together.

A source close to Lauren and Mark - who have recently enjoyed a romantic break in Las Vegas - said: "This holiday has been the start of a new chapter for them. They have realised how much they mean to each other and they both say they're sick of all the haters.

"They reckon people want to break them up because they are jealous of their fame and lifestyle since 'TOWIE' took off. But Mark says nobody will succeed in destroying them. They've been together for so many years and are very strong as a couple. They are just fed-up of all the gossip now and want to get on with planning their big wedding."

As well as their wedding, the couple, both 24, also want to start a family together in the not-so-distant future after a recent pregnancy scare made them realise what they want.

The source added to Star magazine: "It all came as a massive shock. They hadn't even thought about starting a family, and then they had this pregnancy scare. In the end, the test turned out to be negative, but the whole thing got them talking about kids.

"It really has opened up their eyes to having a baby, and Lauren, in particular, would definitely love to be a young mum. She says she can't wait to get started on a family! "They also feel having a child together would be the ultimate sign of commitment. Although they won't rush into it, a baby will be on the cards sooner rather than later."

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