Alice Cooper recalls stage stabbing

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  • 2 July 2011
Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper once accidentally stabbed himself with a sword on stage, but carried on with the performance

Alice Cooper once stabbed himself on stage.

The 'School's Out' hitmaker is known for his spectacular stage performances and admits things often go wrong - though he refuses to let any mishaps disrupt the concert for fans.

He said: "One night I used a sword on stage and I stick it in the stage. I used a sword and went like that and went right through my leg and came right out the other end.

"At the time you have so much adrenaline on stage I didn't really feel it- it hurt a little bit but it wasn't like, 'Oh that's the worst thing ever' and I kind of went, 'Well I'm in the moment right now, it's in my leg, leave it there'."

Alice admitted fans just assumed the accident was a apart of the show, while his band were worried, but he managed to stem the blood flow eventually himself.

He told BANG Showbiz: "The audience thought it was a trick, the band knew it wasn't a trick- the band went, 'Whhhat?' Because every time I'd move, it would spurt a little.

"Then of course after the shows over and the adrenalines gone...owww! I took a bottle of whisky and I poured it on to cauterise it."

Alice, 63, is used to injuring himself on stage, and admits sometimes it takes days before he realises how seriously he has damaged himself.

He said: "Every night something happens. I fell off the stage in Vancouver one night and broke all my ribs on the right side and got back up and finished the show because you didn't really feel it right then.

"I had about twenty-eight stitches in my head and didn't really realise I had a concussion until about the fourth song and all of a sudden I started seeing double. When the shows going you don't stop the show, no matter what happens, you keep the show going."

Alice returns to the UK for his 'Halloween Night of Fear' tour in October.

Tickets for the six shows are available from

Alice Cooper

Old school shock rock at its very best featuring a full horror show theatrical spectacle from the Coop.

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