Samantha Womack: 'EastEnders exit will be a surprise'

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  • 2 July 2011
Samantha Womack

Samantha Womack

'EastEnders' star Samantha Womack thinks viewers will be ''surprised'' by scenes during the exit of her show

Samantha Womack believes people will be "surprised" by her 'EastEnders' exit.

The blonde actress - who plays Ronnie Mitchell in the BBC soap - will soon leave the show off the back of a controversial baby-swap storyline, and she admits the final scene may not be what viewers expect.

She said: "I think this is the right ending to the storyline and I think the audience will be surprised by some of the things that happened.

"She knows that going to court is the right thing but Ronnie will punish herself more than any custodial sentence."

Despite previously revealing she had found the storyline - which saw her take Kat and Alfie Moon's baby and swap it with her own dead one - emotionally draining, she will miss her onscreen sister Roxy Mitchell, played by Rita Simons.

She said: "Working with Rita so closely for so many years has been brilliant. Not seeing her every day is going to be strange."

Her last day on set was particularly "emotional", and she had to stop herself from sobbing.

She added to The Mirror: "It was emotional! All day, Rita and I were really aware that we were getting closer and closer to the last scene, so we were holding back the tears."

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