Sophie Webster to steal from dad

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  • 1 July 2011
Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent

Coronation Street's Sophie Webster is set to steal £20,000 from her dad Kevin's bank account to give to her local soup kitchen

Coronation Street's Sophie Webster is set to steal £20,000 from her dad.

The troubled teen - who is played by Brooke Vincent - will hack into Kevin's (Michael Le Vell) bank account to take some of the cash he recently won on a scratch card after he refuses to lend her the money to give to her local soup kitchen, which is in financial crisis following a theft.

Brooke explained: "It's mad! The worrying thing about this is that all Sophie can think about his helping the charity, so she's not considering the consequences."

Sophie - who gave up her job to work full-time at the shelter, which needed the money to purchase a home at a property auction - is already feeling guilty about the break-in after volunteer James (James Roache) informed her it happened because she and lesbian lover Sian (Sacha Parkinson) did not lock the building.

Brooke added: "She blames herself for the theft at the soup kitchen - because Ken's (William Roache) grandson James told her and Sian they didn't lock up properly - and now the charity is struggling to find the money it needs to buy a new property.

"Sophie asks Kevin to lend them some of the cash he won on his scratch card, but he says no. So Sophie decides to take it anyway!"

But Sophie ends up telling the mechanic what she has done when she turns up at the soup kitchen and cannot find the charity's bosses.

Brooke explained to Inside Soap magazine: "James works for the charity organisers, Rob and Janet, who are supposed to be at the property auction - but Sophie can't find them there. She's in a real panic and eventually has no choice but to tell Kevin what she's done."

Kevin is furious when he finds out what has happened and rushes over to Ken's to have an angry showdown with James.

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