Zoe Beresford leave The Apprentice

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  • 30 June 2011
Zoe Beresford

Zoe Beresford

Zoe Beresford became the latest candidate to leave 'The Apprentice' after her team lost in the biscuit task last night (29.06.11)

Zoe Beresford admits she was a "grump" on 'The Apprentice'.

The drinks manufacturer was fired by Lord Alan Sugar last night (29.06.11) after her team failed to impress with their 'BixMix' biscuit idea in an episode filled with clashes in her team, and the 26-year-old brunette later admitted she hadn't put her energies to the best use on the show.

After viewing a montage of clips where she appeared unhappy with other candidates, she told 'Apprentice: You're Fired' host Dara O'Briain: "That's the passion, that's where it came out. Maybe I should have used my passion for rallying the troops instead.

"I'm normally a bit happier than I have been in this series."

During the episode, the teams were tasked with creating a new type of biscuit and pitching their idea to three major supermarkets.

Zoe's group Logic failed to receive any orders for their idea of a "snap and share" snack incorporating several different types of biscuit, and the project manager later admitted she was unhappy with the product created in the test kitchens by Tom Pellerau and Melody Hosseini.

Despite enthusing about the product at first, she later said: "I should have said something but at the end of the day I don't think it was the best idea to go and say actually it's a rubbish biscuit, don't sell it, because the team have to be passionate and behind it."

Meanwhile, rival team Venture scored an impressive 800,000 orders from supermarket giant Asda for their Special Star' treats for children.

However, Jim Eastwood was criticised for his over-the-top pitch, which saw him claim they would launch the product with TV advertising and a tie-in with the 'Harry Potter' movie series.

Lord Alan quipped he would give him the "Biggest Bulls***ter in the World award" for his claims - but the Irishman insisted he stood by his pitch.

The remaining six hopefuls will again go head-to-head next week in a task about reinvestment.


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