Channel 4 axe Campus

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  • 29 June 2011
Andy Nyman

Andy Nyman

Channel 4 has axed comedy show 'Campus' after just one series because it failed to attract enough viewers

Channel 4 has axed 'Campus' after just one series.

The comedy - which was written by 'Green Wing' creator Victoria Pile and starred Andy Nyman and Dolly Wells - focused on the staff and students at the fictional Kirke University, with Nyman playing vice-chancellor Jonty de Wolfe.

However, Channel 4's comedy department has decided not to commission another series because ratings weren't very impressive.

Writing on its official twitter page, the broadcaster said: "We're proud to have championed 'Campus' for those fans who watched [and] adored it. But there simply weren't enough to justify a second series."

Speaking about 'Campus', Nyman has previously said: "'Campus' was one of those gorgeous jobs when you basically get a phone call saying, 'These people are fans of your work and of 'Dead Set', and they want to meet you to talk about a new series.'

"So I went to meet them, thought they were really interesting, we chatted and I auditioned. Then I heard back, 'Yeah, they really like you,' but then the series just went away again for about a year.

"I was out in Australia promoting a movie I'd done when I got a call from my agent saying it was all happening. But they said they didn't think I was right for the role I originally auditioned for, so they'd written a whole new part for me. It was a really wonderful, amazing way for that happen."

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