Farming reality show in the making

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  • 29 June 2011
A farmer

A farmer

The makers of 'Made In Chelsea' are turning their attention from London to the West Country with a reality show about farmers

The makers of 'Made In Chelsea' are to make a new reality TV show about farmers.

Production company Monkey Kingdom are looking for "fun-loving" agricultural workers from the West Country to appear in the series which aims to show the challenges and joy experienced by farming communities.

Producers are specifically looking for farmers aged between 20 and 30 who will interact in "constructed reality" scenarios.

'Made In Chelsea' - which airs on E4 - is set in the affluent London district and follows the lives of 12 socialites who although have prior relationships are put into certain deliberate situations.

However, the Devon Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs is wary of the proposed show because the organisation fears bosses want to show a "stereotype" of a British farmer.

County organiser Nick Creasy said: "It concerns me if they are looking for a stereotype of the farmer, who speaks a certain way and might have certain opinions.

"We probably get something like two or three requests a month from television companies wanting young farmers for their shows. It's because farming is sexy and it's back on the agenda in a big way. That in itself is really good news for producers, but it does carry a risk of people jumping on the back of it."

The farming show could air later this year.

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