T in the Park: More comfortable accomodation options

T in the Park: More comfortable accomodation options

The Residence offers a chance to do T in the Park with style

Looking beyond the bands and beer, Jenni Flett rounds up the camping and pampering facilities, alternative entertainments and posh nosh on offer at T 2011

Book yourself into The Residence for a very special camping experience – one that does away with the camping in fact. If you’re prepared to splash the cash, you can choose to stay in a yurt, tipi, bunkpad or even a flat-pack hotel room. A yurt to sleep four will cost £1970. Tipis offer double bed accommodation and even a cosy duvet for the nippy Scottish air for £1660. For that regressive, dormitory feel, Bunkpads sleep four people in comfortable bunkbeds – an adult-sized playhouse for the adult price of £2040. Lastly, hotel rooms come in at a whopping £2500. Expensive, yes, but T is sold-out, and if you’re desperate to go, some boutique camping options come with tickets as part of the package.

The Refresh tent has been expanded this year, and will offer select revellers the chance to shine with cleanliness amid T’s other mud-encrusted faces. For either a few quid at a time or £21.50 for full weekend access you can reap the benefits of hot showers, flushing toilets and a professional team to wash the grime out of your hair. ‘That’s not like proper festival camping’, did we hear someone say? Well, you’re not coming into our tent smelling like that. You can buy your tickets in advance.

There’s a world of guilt-free fast food available at Healthy T, both on the campsite and in the main arena. Pick up bottles of free water, and enjoy some entertainment from Scottish break-dancing crew The Flyin’ Jalepenos, who’ll amaze you over a buffalo burger. There’ll also be a daily game show hosted by performance collective Bearded Kitten, ‘with a gunge tank,’ adds head Kitten Barney Sutton. Bearded Kitten will also be responsible for a massive opening night party on the Thursday, hosted in the campsite bar.

‘Last year we did the 40s to the noughties,’ Sutton says. ‘It was massively amazing for us. The Scottish are the best audience, because they’re completely mental … This year we’re going to be doing a round-the-world party, pretending that the entire tent is an aeroplane and covering everything from Brazilian reggaeton to Jamaican funk.’

If that doesn’t appeal, and a film night is more your cup of T (sorry), then vote now for the three films you want to see at the Thursday night cinema. Last year was a comedy triple-bill with Wayne’s World 2, Hot Fuzz and School of Rock being voted in by festivalgoers. Now’s the time to put in your request for something from the French new wave.

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