T in the Park: T Break 2011 act profiles

  • The List
  • 28 June 2011
T in the Park: T Break 2011 act profiles

Conquering Animal Sound

The up-and-comers earning slots on this year’s T Break stage

We profile the up-and-comers who have gained one of the fiercely contested slots on this year’s T Break stage

Lady North

Mathy electro for fans of Errors’ complex disco beats, or Battles’ stuttering drums. Despite the misleading name, Lady North has no ladies in her midst: instead she is made up of Scott Bullen, Paul Bannon and Jamie Steel from Edinburgh. And please leave all those tired old clichés about Edinburgh only producing cosy, wool-wrapped folk at the door. This lot want to rock, albeit in a clever, angular and arrhythmic way.


A baby-faced trio from Edinburgh, Dave, Fergus and Laurie seem hell-bent on making crowds dance with their disco-pop. They’ve built a fanbase fast, with a support slot for Matthew Dear amongst the highlights over the six months since they started. One for fans of Junior Boys, Silver Columns, falsetto vocals and power-pop, and as catchy as the common cold, we suspect they’ll turn the T Break field into a dancefloor mud bath. See also Hones-T, page 17.

Conquering Animal Sound

Anneke Kampman and Jamie ‘Japanese War Effort’ Scott recently played in the List office courtyard as part of Detour’s Wee Jaunt in Edinburgh, and the results were nothing short of beautiful. Not one to stomp about to, but rather to savour and fall slowly in love with, Glasgow-based Kampman’s delicate, ghostly, Björk-echoing vocal is wrapped around scratched/clicked/twinkled samples and live synths and bass from Scott.

Marrik Layden Deft with Scatabrainz

Get your skank on, Scotland. Sampling Doug Stanhope stand-up with deep dubby basslines, chopped up electronica, and – here’s where many will stumble – rapping in heavy Scottish accents, Glasgow producer Scatabrainz plus MC Marrik Layden Deft bring humour to their lyrics about inner-city boredom and teeth-flashing. We hope their performance of ‘I Show My Teeth’ might just give House of Pain some competition in the pogo-ing stakes.

The full T-Break 2011 line-up

Hamish Gibson covers the rest of the T Break 2011 line-up

Aerials Up
Widely adored harmonic indie pop. The largest band on the T Break bill, with seven members.

Catchy guitar pop. If you’re in a small space, be wary – you’ll probably hit your head.

Cancel the Astronauts
Back-to-basics indie pop with an innocent approach, a Korg synth and some fine, kitchen-sink lyrics.

Head-banging rock that throws passionate choruses violently against heavy bass riffs.

Church of When the Shit Hits the Fan
Un-Scottish, Scottish hip hop featuring bass rhythms from Asthmatic Astronaut.

Eccentric melodies and pleasingly off-kilter vocals. Also playing the Scottish Parliament in July.

Melody-driven powerpop with a growing fanbase across Scotland.

Crescendo-laden guitar rock. Set apart from similar bands by an upbeat sound.

Raw, tight, authentic grunge rock. Serial support act for international talent.

Empathic, intelligent pop from Louise Connell. Known to inspire the use of the word ‘lovely’.

The Lafontaines
Rap rock group who made a popular Biffy parody video and were jumped by a stripper at a gig.

United Fruit
Concise near-hardcore with a backbone of pure audio energy. Consider this your face’s melting point.

CONQUERING ANIMAL SOUND - 'Tracer' (official video)

T in the Park

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