T in the Park: Slam pick their favourite acts from the 2011 bill

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  • 28 June 2011
T in the Park: Slam pick their favourite acts from the 2011 bill

Mathew Jonson, Bloody Beetroots and Chris Leibing among highlights

We asked the Slam DJ and production duo of Stuart MacMillan (above, left) and Orde Meikle (right) to pick their five favourite acts playing this year’s Slam Tent

Stuart MacMillan

First of all Leftfield, having them come back to play is a bit of a rarity and obviously something that was massive 10-15 years ago and still is. You think of their back catalogue – they have so many great tracks. They’re definitely a seminal live dance act. For us it’s a real coup to get them.

Going a bit more underground, Mathew Jonson - he’s probably one of the newer breed of techno artists. He came along in the last five years with releases on Wagon Repair and M_nus. He’s a real talent, a bit of a genius actually.

Benga & Youngman, again the new breed, dubstep, something we haven’t really featured in the Slam Tent before. Dubstep’s not what we’re known for but we’re always aware of quality music and these two guys are really doing it right now. So I’ll definitely be listening to what they’re up to.

Bloody Beetroots is going to be massive. Again, a great coup to get them – they’ve got a massive fanbase and they’ll rock the tent for sure, it’ll be a real highlight of the weekend. It’s always an intense experience in the Slam Tent and I think they’ll be perfect.

Finally, I’m gonna say Craig Richards from Fabric. Craig is a guy who personifies quality with the line-ups he curates at Fabric and what he does personally as a DJ. It’s the first time Craig’s played but we’ve played with him all over the place. He’s a great great DJ so it’ll be fantastic to see him.

Orde Meikle

They’re all there for a reason, so choosing five is hard. We met Vitalic many years ago and watched him grow as an artist. The live thing blew everyone away, he took it to another level. His live show is just so energetic to me; he’s really the qualitative end of electro music.

Chris Leibing has always done what he’s wanted, when he’s wanted. When you see him live, that’s when he really shines. The labels [CLR and Spinclub] are fantastic and his productions are brilliant but he morphs the records. You think you know what he’s playing but it’s like live remixing.

Josh Wink and DJ Sneak. Two of our oldest friends, so always good to see them. Sneak’s enjoying a real renaissance with a residency at Cocoon in Ibiza. One of the nicest people we’ve ever met on the circuit, he just does what he does – he doesn’t look over his shoulder but is always a fantastic deck technician, he usually ends up with the crowd in the centre of his hand. Josh is one of the best DJs technically that I’ve ever seen. He can be really underground but he has that edge that really gets the crowd going. They’re seasoned campaigners who we can trust to do a good job.

Hudson Mohawke has grown like a slow kettle coming to the boil, it was no surprise to see him on Warp Records. A boy from the Borders so always good to have him. Electronic music thrives on people pushing into territory that is a little less accessible; dance needs that experimental side and Hudson embodies that.

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