T in the Park - True of False?

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  • 28 June 2011
T in the Park - True of False?

Festival regulars share their favourite Balado memories. And two lies

T in the Park regulars share some of their favourite Balado memories. However each person is telling only one true story among two lies. Can you tell fact from fiction? See bottom of page to find out the truth.

Laurie Corlett-Donald - Discopolis

C At T in the Park 2008 I lost my best friend during The Prodigy. I spent the rest of the night trying to find him with no success. I eventually staggered back to the campsite at an unearthly hour in the morning and found a girl urinating on my tent. I ran over to try and stop her, only to discover it was my best friend’s ex-girlfriend.

B At T in the Park 2008 I lost my best friend during The Prodigy. I spent the rest of the night trying to find him with no success. Later on, I was in the packed Duracell tent. I could just see the DJ booth, and the outline of my best friend. There he was, making out with the DJ.

C At T in the Park 2008 I lost my best friend during The Prodigy. I spent the rest of the night trying to find him. At around 4am, at the campsite, I spotted someone moving around in a bush. I crept forward to get a closer look. The shadow became my best friend and when I shone my phone on him I saw that he was completely naked – except for his wellies.

Discopolis play the T Break stage on Sun 10 Jul. Discopolis also play gigs at Bloc and Stereo, Glasgow, on Thu 30 Jun and Sat 23 Jul.

Ally McCrae - Radio 1 presenter

A At T in the Park when I was only 16 I managed to get onstage with my favorite band of the time, Less Than Jake, to play drums for the entirety of ‘Look What Happened’ from their brilliant Borders and Boundaries album. Once the song finished, the lead singer Chris and I tore our tops off and stage dived. To this day it is still the greatest achievement I have made in my short life.

B Last year I was doing some filming around the festival site and by the end of the day I had 37 girls’ names and numbers added to my phone. I was pretty taken aback. I only ended up meeting up with five of them after the festival …

C In 2005, when I 18 and had just left school, I was camping with a big group. On the Sunday night one of the guys staying with us who I didn’t really know somehow blagged his way backstage and not only got into Snoop Dogg’s dressing room but stole a pair of his socks.

Ally McCrae’s show ‘BBC Introducing… In Scotland’ is on Radio 1, Mondays, midnight–2am.

Dougie Anderson - BBC presenter

A Having interviewed Calvin Harris in his tour bus we ended up locked in due to a forgetful roadie. I was also due to film with a heavily pregnant Lauren Laverne and didn’t want to add to any pre-birthing stress; I never do. After 40 minutes and a lack of new anecdotes, we had to exit via the roof skylight. Calvin fractured his wrist. I came out of it unscathed and 100% match-fit.

B I told Gwen Stefani mid-interview she had a stomach that commanded respect, as it was obvious she was very toned abdominally. Her management took it the wrong way and thought I was implying she had a large belly. I tried to explain it was obvious she worked out, which could only be a good thing for mind and body. It helped me avoid talk-ing about No Doubt’s music, but did nothing for Gwen’s body issues.

C I was excited to interview James Brown, but his trophy wife, seemingly 40 years younger, insisted on sitting in. ‘What do you do in the band?’, I ask. She says, ‘I dance on stage.’ I suggest if she’s ever too tired to perform she may enjoy things more from the side, as her husband was a genius. Mr Brown seemed to like that. He said, ‘It might be time to do that baby. The young fella’s got a point.’

Follow Dougie’s adventures as a broadcaster, filmmaker and writer at mrdouglasanderson.com

Answers: Laurie: A, Ally: C, Dougie: C.

T in the Park

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