Danny Bhoy - Five things you might not know

Danny Bhoy - Five things you might not know

Scottish-born comedian returns home from Australia for Glasgow show

1: The b(h)oy from Moffat is a fully-fledged Aussie now, though he had a nervous wait to find out if the immigration panel would give his application for permanent residency the thumbs-up after they requested tickets to see his show in Canberra. Despite ploughing on with some ‘risky’ material about the Australian parliament, his application was heartily approved.

2: Starting his comedy career in 1998, he won the Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award a year later, beating off competition from the likes of Alex Zane, Karen Taylor and Adrian Poynton.

3: During the 2004 Edinburgh Fringe, he was on the shortlist for the inaugural (and only) Richard Pryor Award for Ethnic Comedy alongside Matt Blaize and Stephen K Amos, who all lost out to US-Egyptian comic Ahmed Ahmed. Bhoy is an Indian-Scot, born Danni Chaudhry.

4: Before he was allowed to perform his first gigs in India, serious vetting took place on his set. Once all his political references, bits about women, material on cattle and general swearing were removed, he didn’t have a whole lot to fall back on.

5: He once described his parents as ‘the most humourless couple you will ever meet’, but another pair of ‘fans’ inspired one of his worst gigs ever. Two drunk women at a small London venue disrupted the show to the point where they had to be given their money back (plus a bit more) to agree to leave. Only for them to then phone in a bomb scare.

King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 26 Jun.

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