Emmerdale's Jackson to appear at own funeral

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  • 24 June 2011
Marc Silcock

Marc Silcock

Jackson Walsh makes an appearance at his own funeral in a video message in an episode of 'Emmerdale' due to air tonight (24.06.11)

Emmerdale's Jackson Walsh appears at his own funeral.

The tetraplegic former builder passed away last month after taking his own life with the assistance of boyfriend Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) and mother Hazel Rhodes (Pauline Quirke) but as local residents gather tonight (25.06.11) to say their farewells, they are stunned when their friend appears in a video message.

He quips: "Surprise! Bet you didn't expect to see me today.

"People wonder what it's like to be at your own funeral. I have no idea because I'm not there. I'm in that box over there."

Jackson (Marc Silcock) goes on to use the message to explain the decisions behind his suicide, and appeals for people not to judge Aaron or Hazel for helping him.

However, Aaron is absent from the funeral because of a bail hearing in connection with charges he may face for helping Jackson end his life, while Hazel breaks down, overwhelmed with grief.

It was recently revealed that Aaron and Hazel will be "profoundly affected" by the tape.

An insider explained: "Seeing Jackson speaking from beyond the grave has a profound effect on Hazel and Aaron. Only they know the traumatic journey all three of them went through.

"They cling to each other for support because both of them are facing a prison sentence if the law dictates that what they did was a criminal offence."

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