Loose Women in ratings crisis

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  • 23 June 2011
Carol McGiffin

Carol McGiffin

ITV are reportedly worried about 'Loose Women' after the daytime show saw ratings drop from 2 million to 700,000

'Loose Women' is in crisis after ratings dropped by more than half.

The popular daytime panel show - which has recently seen new regulars including Janet Street-Porter join the programme - has seen viewers plunge from 2 million in January down to 700,000 on Friday June 3.

It is believed the 12 full-time regulars - including Denise Welch, Carole McGiffin and Kate Thornton - have been told to shake things up, while content and set changes are planned for later in the year.

However, ITV insist they have no problems with the show.

A spokesperson said: "The average audience for 'Loose Women' so far this year is 1.2 million, which is in line with the performance for the same period for the last five years."

As part of the planned changes to the show, it was announced earlier this year that Coleen Nolan would depart this summer after 11 years, with bosses wanting to bring in fresh faces including Janet and Sarah Millichan.

An insider said: "'Loose Women' is one of ITV's most popular daytime shows so we owe it to the audience to keep it fresh. We're revamping it for the autumn, so as part of that we're having some new regular presenters.

"Sarah has been brilliant when she has been on and, let's face it, Janet is ideal for a show like 'Loose Women'. We don't want the show to go stale so it was time for a refresh. We reached the decision with Coleen by mutual consent and she has lots of other projects she wants to work on."


1. hewyxx11 Feb 2012, 2:35pm Report

Loose women should at least get rid of Carol McGiffin who is irritatingly boringly uninteresting and unamusing, and certainly the disgustingly odious ugly and revolting Janet SP. And I doubt if that will save the show. Take it off.

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