GWAR, with Clutch - O2 ABC, Glasgow, Tue 14 Jun (4 stars)

GWAR, with Clutch - O2 ABC, Glasgow, Tue 14 Jun

The differences between GWAR and Clutch might be as obvious as they are many, but there was no doubt that the bearded southern destroyers were capable of holding their own with this one. This hour-long set further cemented Clutch's status as a well-oiled riff-machine as they churned out inhuman levels of low-end groove to the point that it became pretty hard to imagine a world without Black Sabbath. The casually funky dances of vocalist Neil Fallon were met with seas of synchronised headbanging, suitably revving everyone's engines for the debauchery to follow.

As 'God Save The Queen' came piping from the speakers, a figure dressed as the Queen had her speech interrupted by a slave in a gimp mask who proceeded to rip her apart coaxing twin cannons of blood to utterly drench the first few rows. Enter GWAR. This set the tone for a night of hellish set pieces running the gamut of bestiality, necrophilia, sword fights and ejaculation, with guest appearances from Lady Gaga and a zombie Osama Bin Laden thrown in for good measure. Backed up by a truly apocalyptic soundtrack of breakneck thrash, demonic shredding and grisly sludge, the set was as impressive as it was disgustingly fun.

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