Michelle Collins blasted for dodgy Corrie accent

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  • 20 June 2011
Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins

'Coronation Street' newcomer Michelle Collins has reportedly come under fire from her castmates for the dodgy northern accent she uses to portray Mancunian bar manager Stella Price

'Coronation Street' newcomer Michelle Collins has come under fire from her castmates for her dodgy northern accent.

The former 'EastEnders' actress joined the ITV1 soap earlier this month as new Rovers Return manager Stella Price but her Mancunian dialect has failed to impress viewers and although the show's stars are willing to support her, they have expressed their concern about her voice.

A source said: "There is some real concern and shock among some people on set at Michelle getting the job. She just doesn't sound right and they fear it affects the show's credibility."

One internet blogger called Bob fumed: "The accent was AWFUL. Why did Collinson or his team not have the brains to say ditch the accent, it's not working."

Despite criticism of 50-year-old Michelle's dialect, executive producer Phil Collinson insists he's pleased with her performance.

He told the Daily Mirror: "I think her accent's great. I think the thing is people will just get used to it."

Michelle's agent Jonathan Shallit added: "If some members of 'Coronation Street' are slagging off Michelle, then I suspect it's jealousy. Her portrayal is fantastic."

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