Various (The In-Kraut Vol 2) - album review (4 stars)


The In-Kraut Vol 2 (Marina)


While Detroit, London and the like most notably swung throughout the 60s and 70s, soul and affiliated movements were all pervasive: even those stiff old Krauts had a bash. This lovingly compiled follow up to 2005’s Vol. 1 (the work of serial anthologists Stefan Kassel and Frank Jastfelder) is another brilliant collection of some of the more weird and wonderful results.

Standouts include the chilled, knowing groove of Hildegard Knef’s ‘Holiday Time’, ‘Kamera Song’ by Inner Space (an early incarnation of Can) and, on the novelty side, Christer Bladin’s wacky ‘Wildkatze’. With extensive sleeve notes and artwork, this is as much a gift for the eyes as the feet. Wunderbah!

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