Lauren Goodger walks out on Mark Wright

Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright

Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright

Lauren Goodger has walked out on Mark Wright amid allegations he cheated on her with co-star and former flame Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Lauren Goodger has walked out on Mark Wright.

The 'Only Way Is Essex' star has reportedly packed her bags amid recent allegations that the 24-year-old hunk shared a smooch with co-star and former flame Lucy Mecklenburgh during a recent trip to Spanish sunshine hotspot Marbella.

Despite leaving the couple's flat, Lauren - who got engaged to Mark during the second series of the ITV2 reality series after 10 years of on-off dating - is said to be "devastated" at the cheating rumours.

An insider explained: "Lauren was devastated to read Lucy's claims. She needed to get away from the home she shares with Mark to get her head together.

"She's preparing to have it out with him and see if he can explain himself."

With the 24-year-old beauty "unsure" about her future with Mark - who was pictured naked on a balcony during the trip to Marbella just minutes before a bikini-clad Lucy emerged from his room - she doesn't want to look like a "gullible mug" if she goes back to him.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: "At the moment she's not sure if she still wants to be with Mark, let alone engaged to him. They've got a lot of talking to do before they can decide if they still have a future.

"The whole situation is horrible for Lauren and she's stressed out. She doesn't want to be seen as a gullible mug."


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