Michelle Hannah: Who Wants to Live Forever

Michelle Hannah: Who Wants to Live Forever

Prints and paintings based on Highlander film and Queen soundtrack

Can God create a rock so heavy that even God himself cannot lift it? If so, then the rock is now unliftable, limiting God’s power. But if not, then God is not omnipotent because he cannot create that rock.

The work of Michelle Hannah is concerned with the world of unlimited power and its cultural vestiges. She tackles the great themes of metaphysics and spirituality through a highly idiosyncratic iconography and boldly, in all seriousness, attempts to go where other Glasgow artists do not brave to tread. Her magpie-like impulses clutch at the shiny gems of cultural mementos. Here the classic Highlander films and Queen soundtrack provide a backdrop for conjuring new motifs of authorial presence. The result is as deliciously acerbic as it is farcical.

Like the tactic of the Black Bloc – where the fissure between the intention and the perceived conveys moral ambiguity – the performance on the opening night presented a figure dressed in recognisable black disguise as the anonymous vessel to channel the voice of the unseen omnipotent force disguising itself as ‘The One’.

The Briggait, Glasgow, until Sun 10 Jul

Michelle Hannah: Who wants to live forever

Michelle Hannah's work is concerned with the recesses of the human imagination and the idea of a dystopia, and her pieces in a variety of media draw on science fiction themes to make terse and ambiguous images and hinted-at narratives that are by turns seductive, elegant and disturbing.

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