White Heath - Take No Thought For Tomorrow (3 stars)

White Heath - Take No Thought For Tomorrow

Edinburgh five-piece pop-rock collection latest fruits from Stow College

(Electric Honey)

The latest graduate of Stow College’s music industry course’s in-house record label is this Edinburgh five-piece’s collection of epic soundtracks to vocalist Sean Watson’s heartfelt lyrical concerns. Delivered in an opaque vocal rasp, this is an album chock-full of widescreen ambition. At times it resembles the sublime adventures of late-period Talk Talk mashed-up with Sigur Ros, with its grandiose piano, violin and bass trombone arrangements overlaying the urgent melodrama of the guitars. Watson certainly puts himself through the emotional wringer, and sometimes it all gets too much, but at its sweepingly regal best, this is grown-up heartbreak made for fractured times.

White Heath, Academy Strangers, Culan and Lost City Souls

Beautiful cabaret cacophony from White Heath.

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