Avenue Q - The adult puppet musical

Avenue Q - The adult puppet musical

Don’t judge a book by its cover – and in the case of Avenue Q, don’t judge a musical by its poster. This Tony Award-winning show may look like a toddler’s dream date, but Muppet-style puppets aside, it’s adult content all the way.

‘We deal with issues on the show that you wouldn’t see on Sesame Street,’ says performer Chris Thatcher, who plays the internet porn obsessed Trekkie Monster. ‘Subjects like racism, sexual identity and political correctness. The script is really funny and edgy, and by using puppets we can say things you couldn’t really say as a human.’

Featuring live actors and hand-held puppets, Avenue Q takes place on a down at heel New York street filled with colourful characters. Songs like ‘If you were gay’ and ‘Everybody’s a little bit racist’ have gained almost cult status since the show opened off-Broadway in 2002.

‘People have a nostalgia for the Muppets,’ says Thatcher. ‘So when this musical came out, which has that Jim Henson style, people thought it’s OK, I can go and see a puppet show without feeling like a child, because it tackles things that adults think about.’

Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Tue 28 June–Sat 2 Jul

Avenue Q

Harlequin Productions present this X-rated Sesame Street. The show follows the inhabitants of a run-down area of New York as they struggle with life, love and what to do with your BA in English. Some scenes may be unsuitable for children under 12.