Siobhan Davies Dance: Rotor

Siobhan Davies Dance: Rotor

‘I hate the word inspiration,’ says Siobhan Davies. Which may seem ironic, given how inspirational she has been to budding young dancers and choreographers over the years. But for Davies, inspiration implies a light bulb moment, when something just happens – rather then the deep artistic investigation that typifies her work.

So when it comes to talking about ROTOR, an ensemble of installations and live works created by Davies and nine commissioned artists, she prefers to use the word ‘trigger’. Having choreographed a new dance piece, and filmed it from above, Davies looked for artists working in a range of mediums to respond to the work.

‘What I didn’t want was for them to translate or interpret what they saw,’ explains Davies. ‘I wanted them to use the dance as a trigger, as something that could scratch them in a way they hadn’t been scratched before, and that they could then take off in whatever direction they wanted.’ The resulting collaboration has had two successful outings in London and Manchester, and is now heading for Edinburgh’s new Dovecot Studios.

Joining Davies in ROTOR are Turner Prize shortlisted artist Angela de la Cruz, playwright EV Crowe and poet Alice Oswald amongst others. Given that Davies’ name is above the door, was she ever worried about what they’d come up with? ‘Yes,’ she says. ‘But I did choose artists who are pretty phenomenal. I’m incredibly fortunate that they agreed to do it. Anybody could have had a disaster, and I’d have had to work through it – but they didn’t.’

Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh, Tue 12–Sat 16 Jul

Siobhan Davies Dance: ROTOR

Choreographer Siobhan Davies created a dance, which was then filmed from above. The patterns created a score, which Davies then used to get eight other artists to create their own pieces of work, including elements of installation and live performance.

Siobhan Davies Dance: ROTOR

As part of the ROTOR project, dancers Andrea Buckley, Lindsey Butcher, Annie Pui Ling Lok and Charlie Morrissey perform work by Davies and EV Crowe, with music by Matteo Fargion.


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