Cabaret Voltaire venue launches Cab Vol Stars clubnight

Cabaret Voltaire venue launches Cab Vol Stars clubnight

New club helmed by Cab Vol employees from bar staff to cleaners

A rolling selection of Cabaret Voltaire employees from bar staff to cleaners

It will be a different line-up every month but as an example Prof, Dimi and Cunnie host this July date

Music policy
It really is a mixed bag, from rock and indie to jungle and house, with such a mixed group of DJs stepping up to the decks it’s the freeflowing nature that keeps things fresh.

What they say
‘We pour your drinks, we cut your limes, we book your gigs, we shake your cocktails, we clean your toilets, we hand out your flyers, we wash your glasses, we haul your rubbish, we guard your jackets while you dance. Come to our fucking night!’

‘An all-encompassing extravaganza of DJs and music all programmed by the people who know their crowd better than anyone … your Cab Vol staff. On the first Friday of every month Cab will be passing control to its very own long-suffering workers and letting the many talented DJs amongst them play together on their home turf. We’ll also be calling in some favours, hand-picking our favourite residents from our favourite nights, not just in Cab but from across the city and beyond. So come down for a massively eclectic mix of people and music done by those who live, work and breath nightlife in Edinburgh.’

What we say
Given that the Cab is one of the best clubs in Scotland, music runs though their veins, so we’ve got faith in trusting the staff as they step to the fore and take control of the floor. Also remember that various members of staff regularly DJ at nights like Xplicit, Coalition, Witness, This Is Music and JungleDub, so they know what they’re doing.

Cab Vol Stars is at Cabaret Voltaire, Fri 1 Jul.

Cab Vol Stars

The Cab Vol staff step to the fore and wrestle control of the decks, but then, seeing as their staff DJ at nights such as Xplicit, Coalition, This is Music, JungleDub and more, you're still in safe hands.

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