Metronomy and The Kills among best of this week's singles and downloads

Metronomy and The Kills among best of this week's singles and downloads

Wu Lyf's Dirt take Single of the Week

Glasvegas, right – they’re not for everyone. But The List don’t believe in hatin’ on your neighbours, so gave ‘Shine Like Stars’ (Sony) ●● a spin. Bummer, though, because the latest single from EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\, may be polished synth-tinged indie rock but it’s also lyrically repetitive and structurally predictable. Metronomy, on the other hand, are a treat. ‘The Bay’ (Because Music) ●●●● offers cracking basslines, rippling keys and sunbursts of harmony. Danceable, clever electro with soul. Anna Calvi’s ‘Desire’ (Domino) ●●● is taken from her eponymous debut, showcasing her engaging, melodic and introspective pop.

The Kills’ ‘Future Starts Slow’ (Domino) ●●●● is an edgy belter from the so-hip-it-hurts two-piece; their vocal and guitar style recognisable from the off – as if anyone needed another reason to crown Alison Mosshart the she-captain of effortless cool.

Meanwhile, Mr Scruff’s ‘Wobble Control’ (EMI) ●●● is fun, instrumental Korg beat-banter. Dynamic, sharply crafted and terribly moreish. Elsewhere, Le Reno Amps, Glasgow’s purveryors of ‘aggressive guitar pop’, follow up their recent album with Construction EP (Armellodie Records) ●●●. ‘God Loves A Trier’ is the stand-out track, ragged around the edges but still charming enough.

Special mention to Kid Canaveral and their jangly, summery folk-pop on ‘And Another Thing!!’ (that’s their punctuation, not ours. Fence Records) ●●●. The B-side, featuring Fence’s own King Creosote, is worth a peek too.

Claiming the coveted Single of the Month trophy though is Wu Lyf, who rock The List’s socks the most with ‘Dirt’ (LYF Recordings) ●●●●. Taken from debut record, Go Tell Fire To The Mountains, the Manchunian four-piece add completely incomprehensible cat-calling vocals to lush organs, creating dreamy soundscapes with a mob mentality.


Glasvegas - Shine Like Stars

Metronomy - The Bay

Anna Calvi - Desire

The Kills - Future Starts Slow

Mr Scruff - Wobble Control

Le Reno Amps and Chris Devotion & the Expectations

Melodic indie rock from Le Reno Amps.


Aka Brighton electronica artist and remixer Joseph Mount and his band who play breezy intelligent indie pop.

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