Lach - Ramshackle Heart (3 stars)

Lach - Ramshackle Heart

New York anti-folk overlord's sixth album a rash of styles, but with distinctive voice

(Song, By Toad)

Amid news that New York anti-folk overlord Lach will be bringing his anti-hootenanny open-mic session to Edinburgh again this August and tempting hints that he might be setting up home here, the release of only his sixth album in twenty years is an impressive coup for the city’s ever-reliable label, Song, by Toad.

Cultivated in the Cornwall studio of Neil Halstead (Slowdive, Mojave 3), it rides in on the acoustic country rattle of ‘Another Night Without You’, part Pogues and part ‘Harvest Moon’, and sways through the more rugged mariachi blues of ‘Break the Day’, wry urban NY folk-pop in ‘Everyone’s Therapist’ and on into ‘My Gangster’, They Might Be Giants meets 13th Floor Elevators’ bottle-blowing ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’. A rash of styles, then, but just one distinctive voice.

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1. J.J. Hayes17 Jun 2011, 5:55am Report

Yes our loss may be your gain. I have not heard the new album yet though I have heard a number of the songs performed live, and recently and hopefully continuing over your way, Lach has been putting together these incredible sets out of all the songs in his repetoire, one never knows exactly where's he going to be going. Sometimes I feel like an old Deadhead describing a Grateful Dead Set when discussing a Lach show- "well he did Spiderman, followed by Gigantor, into Steven Says, and then morphed right in Staying Sober in North Beach"

So catch this dude live as often as possible. You be lucky Edinburgh.

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